Get in shape with group format personal training that shreds muscles and burns fat fast! 

117 Boxing offers adult classes 4 days a week at convenient times that work around your busy schedule. We also offer strength and conditioning classes for kids on Saturday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings that will get your young athlete in peak condition for their chosen sport.  

Come in and enjoy a fun environment that guides you through a customized workout that targets specific muscle groups throughout the week to help you meet your goals.

Each class averages between 800-1000 calories burned.

You will also learn how to box with personal instruction that teaches you the sport from the ground up. 

Give Matthew a call today at 513 265-1737 for more information.


Adult classes:                           Youth Strength and Conditioning:

M/W/F                                       Tuesday/ Wednesday                                

5:30-7 PM                                  7-8 PM

Saturday                                    Saturday

11-12:30 PM                              1-2 PM